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At Plastic Arts you will love our quality because we are proud of what we do. 
 If you can dream it we can build it !.   
 We have been in business since 2000 and we look forward to serving you!
 We provide a wide variety of services for you. From design to concept, prototype, tooling and production of composites of various types, be it industrial, commercial, institutional, architectural, transportation or artistic applications, we have what it takes to provide you with the right product and matching quality.
 We work most production systems from the basic open molding (hand laid and chopper gun), to closed molding systems as vacuum bag, resin infusion, RTM, Light RTM, VARTM, press molding, rotomolding, casting, etc. 
 We work a diverse line of materials being our main products made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, with resins ranging from Polyester, Vynil Ester and Epoxy and with reinforcements of Fiberglass in all its presentations (Chopped strand mat, woven roving, cloth, bidirectional, triax, etc.), kevlar and carbon. We also work with other media such as casting resins (filled, flexible, clear, etc.) Polyurethane resins (solid, foam, flexible, rigid, clear, opaque, etc). Acrylic and thermoplastics such as ABS, PET, PPE, etc. with vacuum forming, heat bending and casting capabilities. Siliconized rubber and similar media. Other materials we work are fibercrete and reinforced plaster for production of artificial rock work and architectural cast items.
 NOTE* Since we use metal and wood for mold and prototype fabrication and reinforcement we have all type of welding (stick, mig and tig), cutting and tooling capabilities. We have an associated shop for CAD-CAM 5 axis fabrication of even large parts. Consult with us your needs.
 Plastic Arts was established in 2000 by Fernando Cristan.
With an architectural and engineering background and over 35 years of experience in the composites industry  and still learning we feel we have a lot to offer you and your business. 
 Some of our clients include:
 DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit System).
The Science Place Museum at Dallas Fair Park.
Michael's craft stores.
Lone Star Classics kit cars.
Fain Models.
Dallas Mustang.
Factory Transports.
Probotics America.
Frontier Creations.
And too many more to list.
Please request information at the contact tab, we will be more than happy to be of service to you.

Aiming for perfection we can only excel. !

 Plastic Arts  Dallas, TX  (214) 412 5159  

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